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College Admissions Testing


The ACT and SAT are both standardized tests that are sometimes used for college admissions. Students should be aware that they have a choice of which standardized test they choose to take, if they choose to take a test at all.

Since COVID-19 has become part of our lives,  many colleges and universities have either eliminated the Standardized Test (ACT/SAT) requirement or become "test optional" for admission criteria.

All CSU and UC campuses do NOT require either exam and will NOT use test scores as part of the application review.

Please consult the SAT, ACT, and individual college websites for the most recent updates and more information about other college and university requirements before scheduling test dates. 
This article provides information about the differences between the two tests so that you can make a more well-informed decision.

SAT Website and registration information The SAT Subject tests have been eliminated. Check individual college websites for required testing. 

We encourage all students to set up a College Board account to check PSAT scores the first week of December. The website will allow students to link to Khan Academy for FREE tutoring and practice for the SAT or AP exams