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Senior Information

This page was last updated on 10/9/2023. 

The Preparing for Your Senior Year Presentation was presented in senior English classes in September. Please refer to the “Documents” section for the current presentation. The presentation should be used as a resource to help seniors prepare for college applications and post high school plans. The presentation includes several links to college search sites, requirements for admission, and other resources.

Seniors received a copy of their transcript during English classes in the fall. Counselors also mailed an unofficial copy of the most updated transcript and graduation status reports for each senior in September. Students should use the transcript to accurately report courses and grades on college applications. 

Application Workshops for Common App, UC, and CSU applications will be hosted by CVHS counselors in October.

Students do not need to register in advance. An overview of each type of application will be given at the beginning of each hour (9 am-Common App, 10 am- UC app, 11am-CSU app). Students may come anytime between 9 AM-Noon to get help with applications or to discuss college searches. 


The Glendale Unified School District College and Career Division website will publish newsletters and provide additional information about colleges and careers. 

College Representatives from a variety of colleges and universities host information and Q&A sessions on the CVHS Campus during lunch. Continue to check the daily bulletin for the schedule of events. 

Handouts and worksheets to help students with college planning:

⇒    Counselor Letter of Recommendation Procedures--Class of 2024

         Please note: *If a student is ONLY applying to California State Universities or University of California schools the student DOES NOT NEED any counselor Letters of Recommendation and will only need to order transcripts IF the university requests a transcript after the application is submitted.    

  • All students applying to schools via the Common App,  the Coalition App, other private school independent apps, or scholarship programs that require a Counselor Recommendation must:
  1. Complete the and submit it to your counselor  
  2. Complete and Submit a CV Transcript order form to the registrar. (Last page of the packet)
  3. Invite your counselor as a recommender within the Common App or online application portal

                 Directions located at the 3:15 timestamp of this Common App video overview

  • Both forms are due at least 3 weeks prior to your first deadline for all Early Decision or Early Action applications but no later than Thursday, November 16, 2023 for all December or later applications.
  • Counselors will not write letters or upload Secondary School Reports and transcripts until all supporting documentation is received. 
  • You do not need to know all colleges at the time you are submitting the Letter of Rec packet or transcript order form. 
  • If desired, you can submit a Parent Brag Sheet to support your counselor in writing a letter on your behalf.

Teacher Letter of Recommendation suggestions:

  • Check your specific college requirements for what kind of recommendation is needed. 
  • Ask your teacher (s) if he/she is willing to write a letter to support your application PRIOR to submitting the teacher contact information to Common App. 
  • IF the teacher would like you to complete a Brag Sheet, please complete the TEACHER Brag Sheet (different from the Brag Sheet for your Counselor) and submit it to your teacher. 

Recommendation Letters---purposes:

  • Colleges read recommendation letters to see applicants from different perspectives — to get to know them better and identify what makes them unique. 
  • Counselors can show an applicant within the context of their school community. They can address a student’s academic achievements, personal interests and goals.
  • Teachers write from the vantage point of the classroom. They can provide a view of an applicant’s intellectual curiosity, creative thought, and work habits.
  • Other recommenders help illustrate an applicant’s interests and pursuits outside of school. They can show how an applicant works in teams, how they contribute to their community, what creative hobbies they’re pursuing, and more.

⇒Common App helpful INFORMATION: 

The Common App website is the main application site for over 1000 private and some public universities. Many of the schools require letters of recommendation and Secondary School Reports from counselors and/or teachers. Remember to submit your Letter of Recommendation Request documents to your counselor at least 3 weeks prior to your first application due date. 

For more assistance with Common App please view the step by step video tutorials on the Common App Media YouTube channel

There is also a new AXS Companion to help complete each step of the application.

              This section reviews entering senior schedules

              This section reviews entering Courses and Grades

              This section reviews completing the Activities Section

Seniors will need the following information when completing the Common App.

  • Class Size: 582 seniors, GPA: 4.0 weighted scale, Ranking system: NONE, Academic year: 2 semesters, Counselor Title: School Counselor

FAQs about Dual Enrollment and Jump Start Course entry: 

  • Dual Enrollment—enter courses and grades in the regular HS section and indicate “dual enrollment” as the course type
  • Jump Start—enter relevant courses in the “Writing section-Additional Information” tab and have the CC send the transcript directly to the university

Remember to review the “Plan for College/Paying for College” section and the Financial Aid page of each university. There are approximately 100 private universities (including USC, OXY, Stanford, Claremont Colleges, Cal Tech) who require applicants to submit the CSS Profile in additon to the FAFSA or CADAA. 

The CVHS 2023-24 School Profile is located in the Documents section of this website. 

⇒UC- University of California helpful INFORMATION: 

University of California (UC) Application LinkThe UC's undergraduate application and other resources you need to know about applying to the nine undergraduate campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz)

     CVHS UC Course List- Complete list of all UC/CSU approved course and the “a-g” designations.

   If students took summer school with GCC-SSC (Garfield campus) they should list the class as a regular CVHS course and add the following statement in the Academic History Additional Information section: “GCC_Garfield campus offers summer classes for CVHS high school students. The courses are approved for UC under the UC Principal Certification guidelines.”

   If students took summer school courses with other online providers that have independent UC course lists (OFL/OFY, Mission, etc) they should add the online school as an additonal high school and report the class according to the UC directions. 

⇒CSU-California State University helpful INFORMATION:

California State University Application Link : There are 23 Cal State (CSU) campuses to explore with over 4000 majors and degrees to choose.  CSU minimum qualifying a-g GPA for the Class of 2023 is 2.5 (most campus criteria are higher for actual admissions and only a few campuses will consider 2.0-2.4 GPA).


If you are planning to attend a community college after graduation, you might think about taking a dual enrollment or jumpstart course to help with priority enrollment when you become a first time, full time students. Create your community college account and follow the registration steps.

Registration steps must be completed in order to register for classes. Students must re-apply to the CC after graduating from CV so they change their status from dual HS student to full-time college Student

CC applications for seniors graduating in June should be available in late November/early December. The information below will be updated as available.

  • There are over 100 California Community Colleges. Explore and create a CCC account here
  • Link for Glendale Community College
  • Link for Pasadena City College  
  • If you are interested in applying to the GCC Scholars Program, you must also submit a scholars application in the Spring. Visit their website: GCC Scholars Programs
  • If you are planning to attend PCC - the PCC Honors Program link is: PCC Scholars Program
  • Note: If you have an IEP, you will need an electronic copy of your most recent IEP to submit to the college office of students with disabilities.  Email your IEP case manager to request a copy. If you have a 504 and need a copy, please email your counselor. 

STUDENTS INTENDING TO MATRICULATE TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE and then TRANSFER to UC and CSU campuses should research options while in high school. These are some helpful links: