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Community Service Guidelines

Crescenta Valley High School Community Service Guidelines

  • Community Service must be non-paid.
  • Community Service must be with a non-profit organization. A non-profit’s main goal is not to make money, but to operate for a collective public or social benefit.
  • Students may not count work for a family member.
  • Community Service is not allowed at private homes.
  • We limit service to 5 hours per school day.
  • We allow 8 hours per day on weekends, summer and holidays.
  • Community Service cannot be performed during school instructional hours (lunch and after school is okay).  The one exception is if students are enrolled in the Academic Mentoring program.  Students may choose to receive either academic credit or receive Community Service hours.
  • Students may count volunteer hours at houses of worship, such as teaching Sunday school or performing music for worship services.
  • Students may volunteer for political campaigns and voter registration programs.
  • Students may receive Community Service credit for volunteer work on behalf of CVHS school programs, clubs, or sport teams.  This includes fundraising or preparation for a school event or production.
  • Community Service does not count at any (for profit) business including doctors, dentists, pharmacies, veterinarians, private music schools, art schools, college prep academies, dance academies, private day cares or private nursery schools.  Work performed at a business is considered an internship not Community Service.
  • Volunteer service hours count at hospitals, retirement and convalescent homes.
  • We do not count court ordered volunteer service.