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CVHS Parent Family Engagement Policy 2023-24


Parent Family Engagement Policy

I.            Statement of Purpose

CRESCENTA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every student.  To this end, we establish partnerships with parents and the community to promote high achievement by all students.

II.           Parental Involvement in Developing the Policy

The School Site Council (SSC) reviews, revises, and approves the Parent Family Engagement Policy each school year.

III.          Parent/Guardian–Student-School Compact

The School Site Council reviews and approves the Parent/Guardian-Student-School Compact each school year.

IV.         Types of Parental Involvement

Parents can be involved in with their children’s education at home, at school, and in the community.  In order to assist parents in fulfilling their responsibilities, Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS):

  1. Provides parents with knowledge of techniques designed to improve student achievement as well as to prepare students for the entrance and attendance into college/universities.
  2. Promotes clear, two-way communication between school programs and student progress, including parent/teacher conferences and communication, parent information events (Back to School, Open House, etc.), PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) events, IEP (Individual Educational Program) meetings, SST (Student Study Team) meetings, ParentSquare messages, progress reports, report cards, test results letter, and online access to student records and information.
  3. Supports parents as decision-makers and develops their leadership, governance, advisory, and advocacy roles, including involvement of parents on committees, advisory councils, and as representatives to school and district committees such as PTSA, School Site Council (SSC), and English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC).
  4. Provides parents with opportunities to support school activities such as sporting events, drama, musical productions, Prom Plus.

V.           Matching Programs to the Needs of the Community

Parents are annually surveyed to help the school better understand the needs and opinions of students and parents.  Information of the survey is shared with the community.

VI.         Staff-Parent Communication

Communication with parents includes letters, emails, notices, telephone messages, ParentSquare messages, marquee messages, school-hosted social media, informal and formal meetings, progress reports, report cards, informal notes, phone conversations, PTSA newsletters, E-Bulletin, the School Accountability Report Card (SARC), Parent Portal, and the CVHS Website.  Communications are provided/available in English, Armenian, Korean and Spanish.

                                                                           Revised and approved by SSC on February 28, 2023